Pediatric Prenatal Consultation
Pediatric Prenatal Consultation

Pediatric Prenatal Consultation

The pediatrician is an especially relevant figure in prenatal education, and it is desirable that he shares the responsibility, together with the obstetrician and the midwife, to help the pregnant woman and her partner make an informed choice about the care and feeding of her future son. This visit has proven its usefulness in improving the health of the child and the mother. The number of women who decide to breastfeed their children increases, decreases consultations to pediatric emergency services, helps establish a more fluid parent-pediatrician relationship and improves compliance at the first appointments. It is advisable to perform it in the third trimester of pregnancy.

OBJECTIVES OF THE PRENATAL VISIT (third trimester of pregnancy)

  1. Start the parent-pediatrician relationship.
  2. Inform about what a newborn child needs and describe certain skills that must be acquired.
  3. Inform about breastfeeding and what usually happens in childbirth.
  4. Give advice on favorable lifestyle.
  5. Verify that pregnancy is being adequately controlled.
  6. Solve doubts and convey confidence.