Education for health
Education for health

Education for Health

The defense of health has always been a priority objective of pediatricians. Within the development of our professional practice, in addition to traditional assistance interventions, actions aimed at raising awareness and prevention, activities aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles have been incorporated. Pediatrician in Noida is now a basic pillar in improving the health of our population. The health objectives we achieve in our child population will have a significant impact on the health of our adult population.

We provide knowledge, skills to develop capabilities designed to make conscious and autonomous decisions about one ‘s health.

We try to promote behaviors that have a positive impact on the health of children and their parents.

Health education is a strategy of recognized utility in health promotion and disease prevention, both in primary prevention (control of risk factors), and in what we consider the third step of prevention (rehabilitation, social reintegration, etc.).

With health education, we transmit information and elementary knowledge about health issues and, more importantly, we promote the acquisition of habits capable of modifying those behaviors that harm our health. The objective is to promote the well-being and personal, family and community development. And to achieve this, the pediatric age is the most favorable moment, since the child is malleable and grateful, and during this time the parents are more open to attitude changes and eager for useful information. “Children are the mirror where parents are reflected.”